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Project Piece: xSPECTAR

From property development to developing an exclusive metaverse experience on the XRP Ledger, xSPECTAR’s journey, started by serial Entrepreneur Dirk Schepens, has been a dynamic display of his passion for innovation. XRPL projects demonstrate high performance, speed, reliability, and an incredibly vibrant community, all of which are key motivators to support the chain. Originally enticed into the XRPL by its leading project, Dirk invested in XPUNKs and backed the project’s vision and team. Following a series of additional investments on other XRPL projects, Dirk self-funded his own venture to build and bring to life his vision of xSPECTAR.

xSPECTAR grew from concept brainstorming between two friends to an ever-growing team of over fifty talented Web3, Metaverse, and Gaming specialists. A seasoned entrepreneur with expansive business experience and a leading Artist who specializes in hyper-realistic 3D artwork, xSPECTAR is striving to develop a membership-based ecosystem bridging real-life extension into the digital world. 

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The xSPECTAR mission is to build the most innovative virtual economy by giving our members an exclusive environment to meet, access business ventures in the metaverse, and the ability to monetize their membership through collaboration. To achieve this, xSPECTAR has multiple lines of utility currently in build to launch into the ecosystem with functionality facilitated by the native currency, $xSPECTAR token

The native currency token $xSPECTAR will enable membership-NFT purchase that shall grant members access to the dedicated society and unlock the privileges in all the lines of utility. 

Utility of xSPECTAR Holders

Utility-driven privileges include unsealing access to xSPECTAR’s, viz:

nft.xSPECTAR for a digital membership access pass

merch.×SPECTAR store for merchandise sales

art.xSPECTAR to purchase exclusive artwork 

realestate.xSPECTAR to purchase property

casino.xSPECTAR for recreational use &

game.xSPECTAR for in-game purchases and earning

The team is focused on developing robust partnerships within the XRPL community as well as projects on other chains building and innovating in the web 3.0 space. Strong global partnership for the expansion of the Metaverse ecosystem as well as expanding cutting-edge use cases for all lines of utility is amongst key initiatives being driven. 

A virtual ecosystem governed by an economy and utility will offer members an opportunity to integrate or subsume their real-world businesses through an alternative system. xSPECTAR will continue to build a distinctive project whose objective is to transpose real-life businesses, exclusivity, gamification & P2E in the Metaverse fuelled by its native currency token. It is the beginning of the innovative realm envisioned by the team.


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