OUR vision

Making the XRPL the most accessible blockchain.

We intend to create a transparent, trustworthy, and user-friendly environment to accomplish our vision. The platform will be focused on user experience and community participation by listening to community requirements and adjusting in real-time. Collaboration is more important to us than competition. onXRP will provide value to each project by providing the tools needed to succeed. By fostering synergies across the ecosystem, we hope to protect both users and projects. A safe refuge for newcomers and an agora for the entire community.
onXRPShowcase Team

Kaj Leroy

Kaj Leroy, onXRP’s founder, and CEO, ensures that all external communications are consistent with the company’s internal operations. Having created and nourished XPUNKS, the largest XRPL NFT project at a record-breaking pace, his feats are an attestation of his capabilities in regards to the potential of onXRP. He not only ensures that onXRP’s long-term vision is fulfilled, but he also assumes a key role in the formulation of long-term corporate and business strategies.

Bastiaan van Roekel

Bastiaan van Roekel, onXRP’s creator and Chief Operating Officer, has extensive experience in dynamic settings, having managed The Hague’s most luxurious hotel for nearly two years. He played and continues to play an important part in the XPUNKs community. Bastiaan’s tremendous knowledge, when combined with his expertise, will only add to onXRP’s success. Bastiaan oversees onXRP’s financial, legal, and operational elements.
Creative Director

Louis de Jong

Louis de Jong, onXRP co-founder, and XPUNKs creative director, leads the visual identity, content structure, and communications channels at onXRP. Louis has a background in graphic design, international business, and civil engineering. With his diverse background, Louis provides a versatile and high-powered approach to the entire team. In addition to his role in onXRP, Louis also created the entire 10,000 XPUNKs NFT series.