onXRP NFT & Coin Listing Requirements

onXRP.com does not endorse any projects. Always make sure to do your own research. Do not invest any money that you can’t afford to lose.

onXRP will not be responsible for any losses that might occur. Nothing posted on onXRP can be considered as financial advice. We are not affiliated with the projects listed on onXRP except for the XPUNKs.

XRP – NFT Listing Requirement Overview

The listing requirements for onXRP.com are static. Meaning, the set of criteria to be listed is standardized and we do not make project-based exceptions. We spoke with many members of the community to come up with the list of requirements for being listed. We will periodically take input from community leaders to continually review the listing criteria for projects.

Listing Requirements

  • Projects must furnish a global ID & KYC
  • Projects must not contain or display any explicit content
  • Issuer wallet must be KYC’d
  • If issued an IOU, issuer address must be blackholed
  • Projects may not endorse or out discriminative or racial slur
  • Projects must have a whitepaper and roadmap
  • Projects must clearly explain their tokenomics

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