Definition of a Token

Tokens differ from cryptocurrency and altcoins in several ways. Tokens do not have their own blockchain. Tokens are issued via, for example, an ICO or an Airdrop on a blockchain of other coins (such as that of XRP). In addition, tokens often represent a product, proof of ownership, or part of a company.

Token used in a sentence

‘’I just purchased a new token via onXRP.’’

‘’You can trade the tokens via the onxrp dex.’’

‘’The team issued a new token  which is going to sustain the ecosystem.’’

History/information/research of the term Token

Via onXRP we added a new use case for tokens, it is called tokenized whitelisting. XPUNKS was the first big NFT project which used a different kind of method to to a whitelist. For more information regarding ‘’tokenized whitelisting.’’ Visit this Article


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