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What Is Airstronauts?

The concept of Airstronauts originated from an initial movie script crafted by the head of creative at Zane Labs. The primary goal was to develop a superhero figure that could serve as a symbol of hope during challenging times. In the storyline, Airstronaut is portrayed as an American pilot affiliated with the US Navy SEALs who delves into his father’s scientific inventions. With ingenuity and determination, he modifies these inventions to create a powerful suit capable of interplanetary travel, all in a bid to thwart an impending alien invasion on Earth.

Zane Labs, the creative company responsible for Airstronauts, specializes in NFTs and gaming. Their journey began in the first quarter of 2023, with a primary focus on the XRP ledger. As their enthusiasm for the XRP NFT space grew, they embarked on their first collection, XGOLDMAN, and subsequently launched Airstronaut as their second collection.

The Airstronaut collection is the result of the remarkable synergy within their team—it includes the Head of Creatives and Operations and Design Artist, who goes by the name @dbillionere, a Website Designer known as @VON, a Marketing expert identified as @island, and a Social Media Manager, @takin. These individuals are the heart and soul of this exciting project. Zane Labs takes great pride in the formidable team they’ve assembled and is excited about the creative journey ahead.

How Was Airstronauts Created?

Airstronaut was brought to life using a pixel art drawing canvas. After the initial artworks were completed, the team engaged an AI application to generate multiple variations and attributes, ultimately achieving their desired set target for the collection.

Zane Labs chose the XRPL (XRP Ledger) because it stands out as the fastest, most cost-effective, and user-friendly blockchain for NFTs. Notably, they describe the XRPL “as the ledger that does not sleep and is environmentally sustainable”.

When asked about upcoming projects that fans can eagerly anticipate, Zane Labs provided the following response:

“We’ve already released XGOLDMAN and Airstronaut, and we’re gearing up to launch XGOLDMAN2 and XBADDO before the end of 2023. Additionally, in 2024, we’re planning to introduce Airstronaut2, XKOBIAN, and The Old Guard Collection (OLG). It certainly appears to be a busy and exciting 2023/2024 ahead, doesn’t it?”

Their message to the community is to persistently promote the blockchain in every possible manner, whether through active engagement on platforms like Twitter or by developing innovative blockchain applications. They firmly believe that creating utility and functionality for the ledger is the surest path to success.

Marta Cid
Marta Cid