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Louis de Jong
Louis de Jong

How Set Up Your XUMM Wallet

What is XUMM?

XUMM is an application that allows you to create a wallet on the XRP Ledger. It is a ‘non-custodial wallet’ made for the XRP Ledger. This means you are in complete control of the tokens in your wallet.

The XUMM wallet easily lets you send, receive, and store tokens such as XRP. Most notably, however, the wallet can be used in Maladroids for both staked matches and radio.

Unlike web wallets like Metamask, XUMM is only available for mobile devices (iOS & Android).

For more information regarding XUMM, read our article.

Handling Your XUMM Wallet Safely

Your XUMM wallet’s public address is accompanied by a Secret key which is used to make transactions. It needs to be stored with great care and is NOT a backup. If your key gets lost or stolen, the funds in the wallet can be irreversibly lost. Make sure to write down the Secret Key and store it somewhere safe.

How To Set Up Your XUMM Wallet

Follow these steps to set your XUMM wallet up, connect it with the XRP Ledger, and activate it.

  • Stage 1 – Download the XUMM application from the App Store or Play Store & create your wallet.
  • Stage 2 – Deposit XRP into the XUMM Wallet.
  • Stage 3 – (Optional) Set up a trust line with OXP.
  • Stage 4 – Use your activated wallet at

Stage 1 – Download The XUMM Application & Create Your Wallet

Step 1: Download the XUMM Application

Use your mobile device and open App Store or Google Play Store. Navigate to the search function and type in XUMM. Download the application.

Step 2: Create A Password For The Application

Upon opening the application, you will be prompted to set up a password. This password consists of 6 numbers which you will need to remember.

Step 3: Read The Wallet Safety Guidelines

The disclaimer warns to never share your secret keys.

  • XUMM and the XUMM support department WILL NEVER ask for your secret key.
  • If someone does, or asks you to enter your secret somewhere, you are being scammed.
  • Please do contact us with as much information as you can about any incident.

If you agree with these conditions and the importance of safe wallet practices, you may proceed by ticking the box.

Step 4: Create An Account

Follow the step indicated on the screen by pressing ‘Create a new account’.

Step 5: Create Your Wallet Account

Start by writing down your secret key row by row (these are 8 rows of 6 numbers). Press ‘Next’ to see the next row of digits.

Next, confirm your secret key, and secure your wallet. To do this you must enter the same numbers you have written down for each row. Use the arrow signs to move from one input to the next. Use the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ signs to help match the number on your screen to that of your secret key.

Once completed, store your secret key somewhere safe.

Step 6: Secure Your Account

You have officially created your XUMM wallet address! Copy your new XRP address, as you will need this later.

In order to activate the wallet, you will need to send a minimum of 10 XRP to your XRP address.

Before doing so, you may choose to increase your security by adding an extra password. If your newly created XUMM password (from step 2) and/or FaceID are enough, you can opt for the Standard security option.

Step 7: Activate Your Account

To activate your wallet, you will need to transfer 10 XRP to the copied wallet address.

Don’t know how to buy/transfer XRP? Read on to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Deposit XRP into the XUMM Wallet

Now that you have created and secured your XRP Wallet, you will need to activate it. If you already have XRP, use the copied address to send XRP to your XUMM.

If you do not own any crypto, and therefore, XRP, read on.

Buy XRP on onXRP

Buying XRP can be done on many exchanges all around the world. Unfortunately, however, not every exchange offers it. If you would like to quickly buy some XRP, we offer an on-ramp solution on our Decentralized Exchange, which is also available for most US citizens.

An on-ramp is a way for individuals like you and myself to quickly buy crypto using fiat or ‘cash’ via a multitude of payment methods (Credit Card, Apple Pay, etc.).

Head over to You will be led to the following page.


Here you must:

  1. Select your currency of choice (e.g. EUR or USD) & enter the amount you wish to convert into XRP. You can see how much XRP you will receive underneath.
  2. Paste the wallet address you copied earlier into the ‘Receiving wallet address’ field.
    If, for some reason, you were not able to copy the address, press the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the top right corner. A window will pop up with a QR Code.
    Open the XUMM Application on your mobile device, type in your password, and press the blue XUMM action button on the bottom middle of your screen followed by Scan QR code (See buttons underneath).

    Scan the QR code and ‘Slide to accept’. Watch your wallet address automatically appear in the ‘Receiving wallet address’ field.
  3. Since you are sending XRP to a XUMM wallet, you do not need to fill in the ‘Wallet tag/memo’ field.
    Select your mode of payment (e.g. iDEAL or Apple Pay).
  4. Read over the terms & conditions before placing your order.

You will be re-directed to BANXA’s website where you will be prompted to fill in various fields and perform KYC (know your customer).

Once this is complete, check your XUMM application. You should have received XRP, and subsequently, should have activated your account/wallet.

Stage 3 – Set Up An OXP Trust Line

What is a trust line? Click here for more information.

Go to You will be led to the following page.

Setting Up Trust Line

Connect your wallet (see Stage 2, bullet point 2). Then:

  1. Select the OXP / XRP pair by pressing the arrow and selecting the pair.
  2. Press on ‘Set Trustline’. You will be redirected to, where you will need to confirm your transaction.

Congratulations! You have set up a trust line with OXP!

Stage 4 – Use Your Wallet

You may now use your XRP wallet freely to set up trust lines, buy XRPL tokens, and, stake OXP or XRP matches on Maladroids. Read more about Maladroids here.

Louis de Jong
Louis de Jong