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What is XUMM?

XUMM is a non-custodial wallet made for the XRP Ledger that allows you to interact with the XRPL and third parties, whilst keeping your private keys safe. In non-custodial wallets, the individual is responsible for the wallet keys and passwords. Therefore, it is important to keep the keys secure at all times. The purpose of this wallet is to make sending, receiving, and interacting through the XRPL easy and secure.

The XUMM wallet uses sign requests to interact between two parties – a process as easy as scanning a QR code. The wallet is ideal for the XRPL because it supports signing all XRP transactions, such as payments and escrows. Additionally, the wallet allows you to track, send and receive XRP, as well as IOU tokens or currencies.

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Activating XUMM Wallets

To activate the wallet, you must go to the official website of XUMM and download the app on an Apple or Android device. Once you have done this, you must deposit a minimum of 10 XRP to use it. These 10 XRP are automatically reserved for any future ledger transaction fees. This amount of XRP allows you to execute hundreds of transactions on the ledger as the transaction fees are dirt cheap.

Unfortunately, the XUMM wallet is only available for mobile phones. However, there are two significant reasons behind this choice. First, desktop environments are easier to compromise than mobile through viruses, keyloggers, and other hacking techniques. Additionally, mobile phones are much more personal and convenient than desktops for carrying out transactions. 

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