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Project Piece: Schmeckles on The XRPL

The Schmeckles creators, Jay and Tee, are both cryptocurrency investors as well as avid lovers of the arts (and of course ‘Rick and Morty’ too). And that is where it all began. A simple conversation in October 2021 planted the Schmeckles seed, and before long the project had a business plan and was under development.

Table of Contents

Jay is a University-trained Engineer and Project Manager. He has delivered numerous multi-million dollar projects for an extensive list of clients including multiple branches of the Australian Government. In more recent times Jay has focused on optic fiber delivery around Australia, including works in Data Centres and International Exchanges. Jay brings a special set of skills to the Schmeckles team as he strives for the successful delivery of all project developments.

Tee has spent years working in online fraud and protection. She has been involved in both the Australasian and International Corporate worlds working for companies such as American Express. To put it simply, she has seen a lot and brings her talents to the project to ensure community and project protection. Tee acts as a gatekeeper for all project decisions as she strives to ensure the Schmeckles community is kept safe.

The Schmeckles team extends beyond Jay and Tee to Web Developers, Game Developers, Accountants, advisors, and more. There are also a number of collaborating partners and of course stand-out community members and ambassadors that help promote and support the Schmeckles project.

Jay and Tee want Schmeckles to be a community built and driven to create a project that not only offers an XRPL Token but a place for community members to enjoy themselves, get creative and embrace their inner child. These goals have been brought to fruition with the following project developments:

  • Art Competitions – The Schmeckles project runs regular Art Competitions through our Twitter page and website. All successful submissions are hosted on and the winner of each competition has their artwork minted into an NFT and presented back to them. A trophy of their victory to do with as they please. The community responses to these competitions make it all worth it with comments such as “I don’t care if I win, I’m already having so much fun getting creative”, “I haven’t drawn since I was in school” and “I feel like a kid again”.
  • Browser Games – The Schmeckles project will play host to two games:
    • The first will be a 2D Platform Game that will challenge community members to achieve a high score. Just like the arcade games of old, players will need to pay a small fee to play ($2 USD) and will then be given unlimited opportunities to fight for a high score. The highest-scoring player at the end of each season will receive a prize.
    • The second will be a Role-Playing Game (RPG) where players can choose a hero and explore a world filled with quests, monsters, battles, and Schmeckles of course. While this game will be Free to Play, it will offer community members an opportunity to pay Schmeckles to be a part of the game by creating a playable character, a whole new town, or a Non-Playable Character (NPC) and questline. There will even be the opportunity to have elements of the game minted into NFTs (e.g. create an NPC NFT). XRPL projects will also be invited to promote their project through the RPG. Town Heralds in each town will provide information about an XRPL Project with a short quiz at the end to gain in-game rewards.
  • Regular Giveaways – While half of all Schmeckles created (500,000) are distributed to the community through Airdrops, another quarter (250,000 Schmeckles) will be distributed through Giveaways. These include, but are not limited to:
    • XRP Ledger Tip Bot Tipping Sprees on Twitter
    • Rick and Morty Trivia on Discord
    • Guess the Number Games on Discord
    • Marbles on Stream Competitions on Twitch
    • Rewards for exceptional acts from Community Members
  • NFT Accessibility – The Schmeckles team wants to offer everyone the opportunity to create their own NFT. Whether you are an artist that wants your art minted or you have a great idea but do not have the artistic talent, Schmeckles offers NFT accessibility to all. Some of the paths to receiving a Schmeckles NFT include:
    • Purchasing at
    • Winning an Art Competition
    • Minting your Artwork (for a Schmeckles fee)
    • Commissioning us to create your Artwork (for a Schmeckles fee)
    • Minting content from one of our games (for a Schmeckles fee)

As the XRP Ledger evolves so too will the Schmeckles project. We will continue to adapt and grow while keeping our goals and the protection of our amazing community at the forefront of all our decisions. While the future is uncertain there is one thing that we know for sure, Schmeckles are here to stay.