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It’s Hard To Be a FK₥ Pirate

It was the year 2006 and Bitcoin did not yet officially exist but you could already glimpse the kind of things that are happening today with blockchain technology, the metaverse, and the internet in general.

@wtfpirate was an online pseudonym of another human being trapped in the digital world of information. We are the 90’s generation, we grew up with P2P download platforms like The Pirate Bay, Napster, Megaupload, and small metaverses like Tibia, Age of Empires, and The Sims. We rushed out of school to turn on the computer, go online and spend the whole day surfing, chatting, and living parallel digital lives. We don’t want to say that those were better times, because what is happening today with the blockchain is more exciting.

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We are the generation of digital junkies, people with a screen and a world of possibilities to create, share and enjoy life. One day we exchanged the legendary armor, a unique in-game item, for some Bitcoins. At that time we were 19 years old and we did not use a bank account and we did not know how to use real money, so we accepted cryptos. We did not realize that would lead us to one of the greatest adventures of our lives.

Some years later, we invested part of those profits intangible assets. We founded some brands to work on event production and entertainment. Real services for real people. The time and nature of our genesis brought us back to this amazing technology.

We are a group of people who have been doing disruptive things in different industries for the last 11 years, sometimes for very large brands, others for individuals who are looking for luxury in detail. We see cryptos as a mechanism for transformation, not only of the economy but of culture and society. We are convinced that blockchain technology is only the first step in a revolution in the way we interact with our reality and with other human beings. FK₥ is only a contribution to this revolution, but we are convinced that one day we will go down in the crypto history books as one of the inventions that significantly marked the way.

With that vision in mind, we decided to start as organically as possible. We didn’t want big ads or the support of well-known influencers. We opened the Discord and little by little a group of incredible people was born.

It’s not easy being a FK₥ pirate, one has to put up with uncertainty, silence and disorientation. The mystery surrounding the community is like the one surrounding secret and uncontacted tribes. Being a FK₥ pirate is misery and magic, you are in a privileged place but you can’t tell anyone, being a FK₥ pirate is something that not everyone understands, therefore it is difficult to show and talk about it. Being a FK₥ pirate may not make much sense to some, but to others, it’s almost a way of life. That is why we are not a token, because all of us who are in the tribe are somehow interested in something beyond the token, money or technology. There is something else… FK₥ is not a token, it is a statement to the world that there is a different way of thinking. That is more powerful than any economic system, are the ideas and not money that moves us.

FKm XRPL NFTs – Come Back

Our NFT is a combination of an entire culture of crypto renegades.
We believe in branding attributes to recognize the author, so our NFTs have some of this but just in a first layer, the second layer is made by human hand in digital format without procedural algorithms. We still believe that for something to be unique it’s not just the blockchain registry or the smart contract but also the idea and statement behind it.

Every $FK₥ NFT has its own ideology, visual signature and personality. Every piece is visually unique in colors, geometry, text, animation, attributes and most important, is unique in the written statement that lives within the piece of art. Is not just a visual identity, but also a profound ideology construction.

$FK₥ are 12,000 uniquely created pieces, each with their own style, each with a different degree of complexity, rarity, and meaning. The value of each collectible is not defined by us. We don’t have a score index of rarity or uniqueness. That will be defined by human contemplation, interpretation, and the purest free-market of all.

Every collectible is also visually serialized. #1 appears to be more valuable everytime, but is not just the number, but also the design, the author (special editions) and the idea behind it that gives value, so maybe #12,000 will be more desired and therefore, more valuable.
We are not here for a quick buck, we are for the long run. FKm is for the wise, the patient and the trill ones.
Welcome to the tribe, and remember…∎ɯɐǝɹʇsuıɐ₥ʞɔnɟ


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