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Project Piece: xPug

Who is Brad?

I am a digital arts student and founder of xPug. I have always been interested in game development since I was in middle school and started out small by making mods for video games I liked.
Over time I eventually made the jump from modifying existing games to creating my own. It was a rough learning process, but eventually, I did it long enough for something to click, and I haven’t looked back since.

How xPug Started?

I had the initial idea for xPug after seeing an abundance of XRPL dog tokens get created back in October 2021. I was looking at all of the tokens and realized nobody had made one for a pug yet, but did not want to go through the effort of creating one as I was busy with other projects at the time.
November came along and I saw nobody had named a dog token after a pug yet and the name would not get out of my head so I decided to create the token myself.
I started work on the Whitepaper immediately, as I had a bunch of cool ideas I wanted to do and needed to write them all down. I always knew I wanted to combine my game development background with my 3D work to make some cool project for the world to see, and xPug was a perfect way of doing so.

The xPug Team

The xPug team is primarily a one-man show, as I do the programming, modeling, animating, and texturing myself. It can be a lot sometimes, especially with having to keep a strong social media presence on top of that, but I have managed to keep up and have reached out to a few friends for help along the way. I would love for the team to be larger and to have an office to work out of, but we all are still in university and don’t have the funds to do so yet.
Despite the circumstances, I am 100% dedicated to this project and spend all of my free time working on it to create things that others (hopefully) think is cool.

What Does The Future Entail for xPug?

The future for xPug is full of fun stuff I am excited to share. Full development has started for the xPug companion app, which will be a way for users to earn xPug tokens by playing with and dressing up their pug. There will be all kinds of cosmetics, minigames, and secrets to unlock!
The app will also feature some way for users to interact with xPug NFTs, although that is still being worked on as NFTs develop on the XRPL.
This app is going to be packed full of content and will also allow users to share their creations on xPug social media. The community will vote for these shared designs, and the best will be made into official xPug NFTs that both the community and creator get to own!
Other than working on the app, development has started on xPug’s website as well. This will be the hub for all things xPug. We look forward to sharing more about these two very important pieces of xPug in the future, and hope you guys are just as excited as we are!