Non-custodial wallet

Definition of non-custodial wallet

A non-custodial wallet is a wallet that provides you with more control and independence. A non-custodial wallet allows you to be completely responsible for your funds and do with it whatever you please. You have full control over your funds, and most importantly, you possess your private key. 

Non-custodial wallet used in a sentence

‘’I am keeping my tokens with a noncustodial wallet, I trust myself with the responsibility to keep my own passphrase, because I like to keep control over my assets.’’

‘’Withdraw your cryptocurrencies from custodial exchanges into your own non-custodial wallet!’’

‘’My day-to-day expenses will be put into a hot wallet and I will keep my long term investments in a cold wallet, a non-custodial one.’’

History/information/research of Non-custodial wallet

At its core, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a decentralized network where participants are completely autonomous and sovereign, but participation requires a certain level of responsibility, knowledge and skill. 

Cold wallets, like a non-custodian, give you full control over your own funds. Further research regarding wallets can be found in this article:


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