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onXRP Highlights

Listed Projects

This week, we listed a couple of great projects.

Xungible will provide a social media platform to rival the likes of Instagram with the NFT capability of the likes of Opensea. A platform where you can easily, create, edit and share your content, but choose to mint anything easily & quickly as an NFT. Click here for their Twitter.

Sturdy Hogs Society 999 plump, hooved & sturdy warthogs were happily roaming around the big XRP grasslands until they were run out of their burrows by their predators, The Poachers… Click here for their Twitter.

Quarter Onion Games is an indie game studio focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms. Click here for their Twitter.

Their tokens can now be traded on our DEX here.

Published Articles

We published a couple of great articles this week.

Make NFTs Not War: Part of our development team resides in Ukraine. As such, we wanted to share some links in which you could donate to various organizations. Our hearts go out to the people affected by this situation on all sides.

Understanding Leveraged Trading: Long and Short Positions in CryptoTrading: This trading 101 piece went over two key trading concepts: shorts & long positions. More specifically, what they are and how traders use them.

Project Piece: xPug: This article was written by founder Brad about the xPug Project. In the piece, Brad talks a bit about himself & the team behind xPug. He also discusses how the project began and their vision for the future of xPug. They are in the midst of developing an App that will allow their community to vote for the best xPug designs. The best ones will be minted as NFTs.

The Highlights of The Week

  • During the week we saw a lot of solidarity by our communities toward our Ukrainian developers and toward the current situation. 
  • Part of the XPUNKs team did a podcast with Matt Hamilton (RippleX developer). The livestream can be found here.
  • The onXRP team signed a partnership agreement.

Bryan indulges in every bit of crypto-related news and material he can lay his hands on. As such, he often shares his views and advice through the onXRP content platform. He is a firm believer in crypto’s potential in the financial and economic world. With 5 years of experience in investing and trading Bryan brings excellent insights to the table. He is excited to bring much of this knowledge and many of his skills to the onXRP platform.