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Project Piece: Wacky Meerkats

For the last few months, we here at the Lame Lions Team have been anxiously waiting to roll out several new updates to our ecosystem that will create massive utility for you, our loyal community pride. The Wacky Meerkats are the first step in a series of planned upgrades that will be implemented in the very near future. This article is an introduction to who the Wacky Meerkats are, what the direct benefits of the meerkats will be, and how you can get your hands on one of these wacky mates.

Who Are the Wacky Meerkats?

The Wacky Meerkats is a collection of 5,000 Meerkats made by the Lame Lions and are characterized by their exclusive and revolutionary traits. The Lame Lions collection initially demonstrated our goal in creating NFT collections that have distinctive features and Wacky Meerkats continues that objective. As the name implies, the traits will be over-the-top and as Wacky as can be. We have engaged with the community and solicited their opinions in developing some of the Wackiest ideas to encourage every member to get involved and to have their inputs heard!

Within the LAME Savannah the Wacky Meerkats have a very important role. By nature, a Lame Lion sleeps about 20 hours a day and that means a Wacky Meerkat is a good help in guarding the territory. As Meerkats are known for their outstanding eyesight, they are able to spot a Lioness from far away. Your Meerkat may just find your Queen of the Savannah.

What Kind of Utility Will The Wacky Meerkats Provide?

Adding the Wacky Meerkats to our Lame pride is the first step in our rollout plan of the LAME Ecosystem. With the launch of the Wacky Meerkats, the Lame Lions will also add a gamification aspect to their website on which the Wacky Meerkat can be used in a journey, alongside their Lion. There will be two journeys to be played, one at a time, depending on whether the user is holding a Lame Lion or both a Lame Lion and a Wacky Meerkat.

In both journeys you’ll be searching for a Queen of the Savannah to join the Lame Lion pride. Chances of finding a Queen will be higher in the journey where the Wacky Meerkat is participating. Both journeys can be described as follows:

Lame Lion Journey

A Lame Lion sleeps about 20 hours a day and hence there aren’t a lot of hours left for finding his Queen. Due to the Lions proclivity for prolonged sleeping, the chances of finding a Queen of the Savannah are 1% every 24 hours.

Lame Lion & Wacky Meerkat Journey

To combat this issue of extended rest impeding the Lame Lions ability to find their Queen, Lame Lions can recruit Wacky Meerkats to manage the situation while they rest. Therefore, journeying with a Wacky Meerkat increases the chances of finding a Queen of the Savannah to 8% every 24 hours.

As you can see, the probability of finding a Queen of the Savannah increases by 800% when you start a journey by holding a Lame Lion and Wacky Meerkat rather than only holding a Lame Lion.

Finding a Queen does not mean she wants to join your pride. The Savannah emphasizes consent. Therefore, how will you seduce the Queen of the Savannah to join your pride?

Despite having an increase of 800% in finding a Queen of the Savannah, Wacky Meerkats provide other utility as well. An old Savannah legend states that there are only a limited number of Queens in the Savannah — namely 5,000 — and that the chances of finding a Queen decreases over time. After every 1,000 Queens of the Savannah are found and seduced, the chances of finding a Queen of the Savannah will be decreased by 25%. This means the following for the journeys:

The Lame Lion journey’s chances will decrease from 1% every 24 hours to 0.75% every 24 hours.

The Lame Lion and Wacky Meerkat journey’s chances will decrease from 8% every 24 hours to 6% every 24 hours.

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Louis de Jong
Louis de Jong