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Project Piece: XRPL Awesome Possum

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No matter what, the legacy can’t be stopped… The story of Xpossum starts now!
The phone starts to ring as I was sleeping… My brother Jason said, “Hey Chris, I have this great idea! Can you help me?”  
Chris does the graphics with 20+ years in Graphic Design/ Silkscreening. 
Jason has an extensive range of XRPL/Crypto knowledge…
Together they are Awesome Possum!

Xpossum has been let out of the bag and I’m curious to where this adventure will take us!?
Our inspiration comes from everything pop-culture. We must thank the Motherseed- Xpunks!!
Xpossum is setting its mark by solidifying all those moments that we hold true from our past/childhood. 
We are proud Canadians who grew up back in the 80-90s, so we have infinite amounts of material to cover. 
Jason is older, so it was his responsibility to steal the TV controller every Saturday morning for cartoons… (Luckily he liked all the cool shows. 😉
When the NES entered the house it was pretty much game over for Chris.
So many fights over controllers… The Lucky ones made it out alive… 
Now 25 years later, making a NFT collection(s) with my brother on the XRPL, feels like a dream come true!

Our goals are to enhance the XRPL with quality retro NFT’s while adding utility when we can. 
We believe once we get the first generation XPossum out, we can acquire more skilled team members. 
Then in turn helping us with more specific tasks.
We have to keep reminding ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We started the first series of Xpossum with pixel art to give it a retro feel, which Chris resonates with greatly!
This will make it look that much more crusty when Xpossum Gen-10 comes out. 
Xpossum is still a baby compared to a lot of NFT projects; however, we plan on going the distance and beyond!
There are so many great and new applications coming out for NFT’s… It seems endless.
We have a very unique looking NFT project and are proud of our flavour! 
The shape of the possum is in a “X” to represent the XRPL and want this trait to pass on to older generations.
The possum itself is very basic and gets its qualities from the multi-coloured attributes.
Have you seen the 1/1’s?

Holding ourselves accountable and transparency are key to the success of this project.
We are waiting for the XLS-20 to arrive for the first mint!

It’s all for the community!!!

“We wouldn’t have a story to tell if it wasn’t for the community. Thank you! 
I’ll never forget the first time Jason showed me a Xpossum someone built on minecraft.. I felt very honoured…
Awesome Possum really shines when we get the community members engaging with the production team.
These collaborations are going to make this collection stand the test of time. It’s already a part of me.”   ~Chris

It seems like the deeper we go down this possum hole, the longer it gets and we couldn’t be happier!
The magic started happening when those blocks got together on screen to take you to back to a time and place. 
There is a Xpossum NFT out for everyone and we can add infinite utility later once we know what new innovations to take.

Looking towards the future gets us very excited about the POSSUMbilities to come. 

See you there!

    ~Chris and Jason “Awesome Possum” Goretski 


Louis de Jong
Louis de Jong