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Anna & Yoniverse

Who is Anna?

I am a Swedish Scrum Master and the founder of the Yoniverse art collective. I have worked in IT for years and have been interested in blockchain since 2013. I used to work as a development manager in logistics and two years ago when I was at a fair in Germany I read a magazine where an article featured VeChain and a study on RFID tracking in warehouses using blockchain technology. It was like flipping a switch in my head. I understood that in a few years from now nothing would be the same as far as the products we use. I kept reading and found many great projects with promising utility that confirmed my feeling of the coming technical revolution.

How Yoniverse All Started

In October of 2021 I decided to make an IOU token on the XRPL following the current trustline craze to get my art out there. I was very excited to see if anyone would be interested in my pieces and the idea of people owning my work was my motivator. The response was far bigger than I expected and we quickly grew as a community. As people started participating and a narrative formed, the idea of an art collective influenced by DAOs was the first thing in my mind. As I work with governance in IT on a daily basis the evolution of DAOs has been a passion for me and turning my project into something similar was almost like a dream come true.

The Project & the Incredible Yoniverse Team

We currently have 38 Yonian artists, 2 digital content creators, 14 lore squad members and 1 animation team building the Yoniverse. These people all have value to bring to the project and are part of its community mining. All of us created Yonians, countless planets, short stories, characters, food, beasts and narratives together. We have a theme song, an animated series and have closed 4 incubators to this day. We are building something remarkable as seen when taking a stroll through the virtual gallery on our website. We are united and invested in each other.

What Does The Future Entail for Anna & The Yoniverse Team?

I have learned so much over the last three months, being thrown into a project that has come to mean so much to me and the people involved. Managing a project on passion when you have small children and a day job has been very hard, but we have persisted together and have built something worth nurturing. The future of the Yoniverse is bright.

We will continue to grow a community of people emotionally invested in the narrative and art, the yonians will keep building a vast world, supporting each others work and their contributions will be used in plots and events within the Yoniverse. 

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