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We love planes.

We are NFTs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts which is probably the reason we connected and started to work on this project together. As we all grew up in different environments taking different life paths… we can cover each other up with wide range of experience and knowledge. Also there is a big benefit that we come from Slovenia which is (for now) probably one of the most supportive countries for blockchain technologies. We hope we will be successful in building great community and providing the best product to the public.


Bryan indulges in every bit of crypto-related news and material he can lay his hands on. As such, he often shares his views and advice through the onXRP content platform. He is a firm believer in crypto’s potential in the financial and economic world. With 5 years of experience in investing and trading Bryan brings excellent insights to the table. He is excited to bring much of this knowledge and many of his skills to the onXRP platform.