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Lame Lions

The Lame Lions are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs where holders will be rewarded with loyalty programs in the future.

The Lame Lions is a cartoon-based project from LionX, which is a private company from the Netherlands. There are only 10,000 unique Lame Lions, each one with their own traits and rarity (in total aiming for 100+ traits). Also our mission and vision are appealing:

• The Lame Lions’ mission is to give back to the world and to create a real close XRPL community where people can be themselves, help each other, give their best and are proud to be part of.

• The Lame Lions’ vision is to be one of the best known NFT projects on the XRPL, to contribute to a better world and to the conservation of the lion population from 2023 onwards.

The Lame Lions want to work with charities in order to give back to the world. One of the charities we will be looking at is about the conservation of the lion population. In the past quarter of a century, the lion population has almost halved, which we find really shocking.

Additionally, in times of digitization, we want to establish a community and embrace every individual, no matter the background. For that we want to organize games, contests, share knowledge, host meetings and have a good chat and laugh.”

Kaj Leroy
Kaj Leroy