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Koen van Schaijk
Koen van Schaijk

OXP Airdrop Explanation

The creation of the onXRP ecosystem would not have been possible without the XPUNKs and the wonderful XPUNKs community.

To give value back to XPUNK and OXP holders, we have dedicated 10% of the total OXP supply to airdrops; 5% for XPUNKs holders who hold 0.1 XPUNK or more, and 5% for OXP holders who hold any amount of OXP tokens. This airdrop is limited to self-custodial wallets like XUMM, as at this stage of the project, it is where nearly all holdings of XPUNK/OXP are situated.

The airdrops will be spread out linearly over a period of 12 months with one airdrop each month to organically grow the circulating supply. The monthly amount received per holder will be based on the size of their XPUNK/OXP holdings: the more XPUNKs and/or OXP are held, the more OXP the holder will receive.

The Partitioning

10% of the total OXP supply translates to 25,000,000 OXP across a period of 12 months.

To reflect the monthly release of the airdrops, the 10% (25,000,000 OXP) supply must first be divided by 12. This means 2,083,333 OXP will be allocated to holders per airdrop.

This number is further divided by 2 because XPUNKs and OXP holders receive the airdrop separately. 2,083,333 / 2 = 1,041,667 OXP. This means 1,041,667 OXP for XPUNK holders and 1,041,667 OXP for OXP holders.

The OXP Airdrop

Currently, there is around 28,000,000 OXP in circulation. Using the above-mentioned calculation means that for approximately every 26.87 OXP a holder has, they will receive 1 OXP for the first airdrop (or 0.037 OXP per OXP token held). Consequently, the more OXP will come into circulation each month, due to the airdrops, the more this ratio will change over the course of the next 12 months.

The XPUNK Airdrop

With regards to the XPUNKS, a minimum holding of 0.1 XPUNK is required to be eligible for the upcoming airdrops. Since there are 5,000 tokens in total, each full XPUNK token held will grant its holder 208.34 OXP.

When minting is enabled, you can safely exchange your XPUNK token for an XPUNK NFT and still receive your OXP airdrop, we will be taking a snapshot of XPUNK NFTs as well, and treat them like 0.5 XPUNK token for the airdrop calculations.

All tokens that are not dropped will go into the value creators section of the tokenomics.

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Koen van Schaijk
Koen van Schaijk