Definition of Tendies

Tendies refer in general to any financial gain on the stock market and is used when traders make money from a stock or crypto currency 

Tendies used in a sentence

 ‘’Thank you WallStreetBets for all my Tendies!”

‘’Bought a new watch from my Tendies from xrp.’’

‘’In it for the Tendies, ONXRP to the moon!’’

History/information/research of the term Tendies

TENDIES stands for “stock market financial gain.” Traders on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets (WSB) use the term tendies to signify money or financial gain.

Chicken tenders are referred to as tendies. The phrase stems from old 4CHAN greentext stories about adult men living with their mothers. A guy who relies on his mother for everything is awarded with “Good Boy Points” (GBP), which he may use to get his favorite food: chicken tenders, for good conduct and self-care.

WallStreetBets’ use of self-deprecating humor inspired the creation of the term “Tendies.” If WallStreetBetters market themselves as tendie-eating retards who live in their mother’s basement playing video games, there’s not much else for others to ridicule them about.


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