Definition of Roadmap

A business planning technique for the list of activities a project plans to execute. The roadmap is very important for an NFT drop’s existence. Basically, this gives you a time estimate for every important event that is going to happen in a project’s development.

Roadmap used in a sentence

‘’The roadmap for this token is looking spectaculair! I’m probably going to buy more.’’

‘’I’m not so impressed with the roadmap of this NFT project, they are only planning to create mediocre things.’’

‘’I don’t know what this project will accomplish in the future, maybe the roadmap will provide some insight.’’

History/information/research of Roadmap

From an internal perspective, a roadmap is used as a strategic plan for focussing the development team and providing clear goals and milestones for all stakeholders. It also conveniently schedules (to some extent) the order in which specific tasks should be completed.

For investors, the roadmap provides insight into the direction and vision for the project, while also serving as a measure for the pace and success of the evolving product. 

Often the roadmap is presented in a simplified form as a flow diagram with development goals in boxes with rough completion times, indicating the various stages of significant development and significant product milestones.


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