Definition of noob

Newbie, a beginner. Pleb, plebeian, an ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes. The opposite of OGs.

Noob used in a sentence

‘’He bought shiba inu tokens instead of bitcoin with the sole reason that they can own a whole shiba inu token and not a whole bitcoin. This is such noob reasoning.’’

‘’Does anybody know why bitcoin holds value? I am still a noob in this space, but I a willing to learn!’’

‘’According to the news, China is going to ban bitcoin. The noobs, who believe this FUD have sold in panic.’’

‘’Max & Stacy are original Bitcoin plebs. Our mission since 2011 (BTC $1) – to create Bitcoin millionaires everywhere who are hoping to escape the fiat money nightmare.’’ Max and Stacey are OG’s.

History/information/research of the term Noob

It’s said that ‘’noob’’ originally has been used as a description and nickname for new US military recruits in the mid-to-late 1900s, increasing popularity during the Vietnam War.

According to Dr. Shoba K.N, an Assistant English Professor at Anna University in Chennai, India, the origin of the term “newbie” extends back much farther.

In his 2014 book Vocabulary 2.0 Smart Words of the 21st Century (link), he writes, “Newbie may originate from ‘newie,’ which is found in 1850s U.S. and Australian sources. 

Max Keiser often uses the term pleb in his podcasts 


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