Definition of NGMI

Abbreviation of  “Not Going To Make It”

NGMI used in a sentence

‘’I bought XPUNK at 800xrp and sold it at 1400xrp, it is 6000xrp, I am NGMI.’’

‘’He read in the news that China is going to ban bitcoin and he consequently sold all of his bitcoin holdings, apparently it is just FUD but he is NGMI.’’

‘’He left the discord even though there is valuable information being shared, he is NGMI.’’

‘’You have to keep stacking sats otherwise you are NGMI.’’

History/information/research of the term NGMI

NGMI, also known as Not Gonna Make It, is a catchphrase popularized by the icon and bodybuilder Zyzz on 4chan’s fitness board /fit/. It’s been used in 4chan and other communities to signify comradery and a willingness to keep going in life since its creation.

Around 2020, NGMI began to be used in the crypto and meme stock groups being used when there are dips in the market. Or if somebody makes a mistake. 

Recently, the term NGMI became more trendy in reddits famous wallstreetbets. Right now NGMI is all over the place, especially crypto twitter. 


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