LFG (Let’s F*cking Go)


LFG is often used in online crypto text messaging and it stand for Let’s F*cking Go. The person using LFG is probably enthusiastic and/or impatient for something great and exciting that is to come. More often than not, LFG is followed by at least a few exclamation marks and some emojis to emphasize the feeling of euphoria.

LFG is also a term used by gamers and stands for Looking For Group, the user of the term is looking for an established group that he or she wants to join.

Examples of Usage

“The Ripple lawsuit is about to be settled, XLS-20 will be voted in soon, sh*t is about to explode on the XRPL so LFG!!!”

“Man, I am so excited for the X-games tonight! LFG”

The history of LFG

The abbreviation was first (since 2002) only used by gamers and meant Looking For Group, people would type it in a chat when they were looking for guilds or groups to perform quests. From 2010 LFG was being used across college campuses as part of the party culture and it stands for Lets Freaking Go. From here on out it spread to a broader audience across the internet and found its way into the crypto space. During this period it changed from Freaking to F*cking.


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