Avoiding the truth and avoiding trying to identify the reason for the mistake. Coping means making yourself feel better about a poor decision in the past by creating a psychological defense to avoid facing the error. 

Cope can describe people unwilling to invest in particular projects that are doing well since “it can’t go any higher” and have “missed the boat” even though a project or NFT still has a big room to grow. 

In crypto Twitter, the cope is used as cynicism or nagging against someone or something. 

Examples of Usage

  • • “I think James refusing to learn about XRP is a form of coping after losing all that money with that other coin.”
  • “A coping mechanism can prevent people from changing their minds for the better. People tend to skip learning about NFTs thinking they are too late or rigid.” 
  • “If central banks impose strange monetary policies, it is a form of coping that central banks have to print money while repeatedly mentioning that inflation is “transitory,” even though the opposite seems true, which means that it isn’t transitory at all.”

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