The Citadel is a fictional fortress or castle in a dystopian future where bitcoin empires encamp with their mining equipment to defend themselves against no-coiner invasions. 

The idea of a “Citadel” has been by multiple other coins, tokens, NFT sets, and projects to create the us-versus-them narrative. This scenario enhances the distinction between the ingroup and outgroup, increasing the conviction to hold an asset.

Examples in Usage

“The Citadel is a representation of the future they wish to create, namely, a world full of Singapores.” 

“All the best alpha and gossip from inside the walls of the Citadel.” 

Origin of “Citadel.” as a crypto

This concept was initially introduced by a post written by user /u/Luka Magnotta on Reddit/r/Bitcoin

in September 2013. 

Magnotta predicted that Bitcoin would become so valuable in the future that bitcoin holders, especially everyone who had more than 0.1 BTC in 2013 and hadn’t spent it all, would segregate themselves into far away fortresses and create their city-states, or “Citadels”. 


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