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Genfinity & the Lighthouse Report, educating & creating communities

Genfinity is a uniquely positioned digital media organization providing tools and building solutions for Web3 engagement and education. Genfinity’s mission is to provide a hub for communities to socialize, become informed, and successfully participate in the digital economy. A key element in the company ecosystem is educational research, and July 1st, 2022 saw the launch of a core product: The LightHouse Report.

The Lighthouse Report is an interactive and comprehensive monthly review of the blockchain ecosystem. Curated by trusted industry contributors across multiple sectors of expertise, the report aims to shine a beacon of transparency on digital assets and our future internet of value.

With the purpose of simplifying complex issues and presenting research in a concise and digestible manner, Genfinity has a competitive edge as a reliable source of unbiased information. The report presents a unified discovery of aggregated content for key segments within the digital economy, including:

  • Market Sentiment: an overview of sentiment within the digital ecosystem
  • Adoption Review: exploring mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and overall adoption
  • Market Performance: highlighting the winners/losers from the monthly data sourced
  • Technical Analysis: an analysis of Bitcoin/ALT performance including cyclical behavior
  • TradFi (Traditional Finance): exploring private equity and traditional systems
  • DeFi & Web3: an overview of the Web3 economy including decentralized innovation
  • Market Asia: a view into current trends and adoption in the Asian economy
  • Legal Review: exploring legal and regulatory frameworks and commercial impacts
  • Utility & Macroeconomic deep dives: deep diving into digital assets and macro events
  • Interviews: a suite of exclusive news and interviews
  • Trade Finance: reviewing the digital trade finance industry

The report explores a host of fundamental topics delivered monthly to users via a subscription-based model with the vision of reaching universal adoption. The first complimentary report is free for the subscription until 31st July, 2022.

Genfinity aims to deliver exclusive content with an objective perspective of the digital economy, ensuring an unbiased approach that will help you Do Your Own Research.