Currently, the development team consists of four outsourced developers with a continued incentive to grow onXRP and one senior developer: Henk ter Hamsel. When it comes to the development, Henk is mainly tasked with strategic oversight. This can range from testing the XLS-20d for its NFT-marketplace capability to proofreading the code for onXRP’s extensions.

Community Managers

Two key XPUNKs community managers will be assisting with the development of the onXRP platform. With backgrounds in Supply Chain Management and Business, these individuals have desirable and value-adding competencies which offer the necessary flexibility during this phase of the development. They have gained a lot of experience, growing alongside the community they have built and managed for XPUNKs.

Louis De Jong

Head of media and communications, Louis de Jong, will handle everything relating to the onXRP content. He has a background in graphic design, business and is an experienced team manager. This dynamic background, again, allows for a flexible and dynamic workflow throughout the team. As of now, the content is being provided by five writers and two podcast hosts. The former are receiving payment on a per article basis while the latter, a recurring monthly remuneration for weekly podcast releases

George Kocher

Founder and CMO of onXRP, George Kocher, is in charge of strategic oversight, SEO and networking. Since its inception in October of 2021, he has played an integral role in the accomplishments of XPUNKs. George owns a successful digital marketing agency, is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has considerable experience in Private Equity and Growth Startups. With a set of indispensable skills and connections, George will continue to be a key player in the success of onXRP. He will be working closely with the entire management team to add value wherever possible.

Bastiaan Van Rockel

Founder and Chief of Operations of onXRP, has a lot of experience with dynamic environments, having run the most exclusive hotel of The Hage in The Netherlands for nearly two years. He had and still has a pivotal role within the XPUNKs community. In combination with his experience, Bastiaan’s vast array of knowledge will only add to the successes of onXRP.

Kaj Leroy

Kaj, founder and Chief Executive Officer of onXRP, ensures that all external communications are kept in line with the internal workings of onXRP. Having created and nourished the largest XRPL NFT project, XPUNKs, at a record-breaking pace, his feets are an attestation of his capabilities in regards to the potential of onXRP. Not only will he ensure that the long-term vision of onXRP is upheld, he will also be instrumental in the development of sustainable corporate and business strategies.

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